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4 Must have emails in your marketing automation campaigns:

1.Welcome Email

People are always happy to have warm welcome. In fact, a well designed welcome email has more than 30% of open rate according to a recent benchmark.

When to send:

As soon as user joined in your email list

What to send:

  • Company Identity

  • Warm welcome message

  • It should clearly convey why the user joined and what you have as return offer

  • Contact details to reach you


2. Activation Mail:

Your business starts when your subscribers take the first engagement. An Activation Mail should motivate the users to take the first step.

When to send:

When user is ready to use

What to Send:

  • Company Identity

  • A benefit message

  • Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)


3. Reengagement Email:

 Even the best customers forgot you and your business. To bring them back, reengage.

When to Send:

when the user engagement drops or no engagement from the user

What to send:

  • Company Identity

  • A compelling offer

  • Link to the Business

  • Option for feedback


4.Thank you Email

No matter what, gratitude always works. send a thank you note to your customers for being part of your business.

When to Send:

When the users happy or staying with you long time

What to send: 

  • Company Identity

  • Thank you note

  • About the future

  • Feel good gift

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